Tuesday, December 07, 2010

24 hours

We now know that the under-reported Electronic Run On the Banks 11 Sep 2008 could have ended the U.S. economy and, 24-hours later, the world economy as we've known it: kaput.

Conveniently, it was the reason that got Obama elected since, at that time, John McCain was polling higher in the presidential race. And, conveniently again, that same incident was used as a reason for super-speeding in subsequent legislation that was supposed to "save" our country.

Now we see that things are not going the way that everyone thought they would after savior-Obama slipped into the presidency.
Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin forced "collectivism" on the country, and widespread famine and hardship were some of the results. Is that what Obama is doing?
Can Obama & Co Really be Stopped?

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