Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"f---ing brilliant"

...says Dennis Prager: On CNN recently, Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network," "West Wing") called Sarah Palin an "idiot"...

Dennis decimates Aaron Sorkin (the former West Wing writer/creator).

Me, I tried to decimate Maureen Dowd (by sending a letter to the New York Times after her recent article) but they just wouldn't let me!

December 7, 2010: Pass the Caribou Stew

[my letter to the editor]

How can someone so mature sound so immature?

Don’t leftists ever eat halibut?

Perhaps you prefer the standard fare produced in factory farms where animals are crowded into lines and smell and hear their approaching fates in concrete killing rooms where they’ve long been away from their natural habitats.

There’ve been millions of “average housewives” who sons and husbands and brothers fed their families and hunters who knew that if you “hunt yourself and fish yourself” your relationship to and understanding of the source of your biological sustenance is far deeper than those who grow up thinking water originates in metal faucets and food is born in plastic containers.

Do the animals have a much greater chance of getting away at the grocery store where you shop, Maureen?

Your final shot about Santa’s Reindeer was meant to wound the wife, mother, and career woman you probably once wished you could be.

[End letter]

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