Sunday, December 05, 2010

Obama's Achilles Heel

From Orly Taitz:
CT SS number is Obama’s Achilles hill. We have his signature on docs with this number. I have him cornered and pinned down with this number. (I didn’t even need the second degree Taekwondo belt for that.) This might be the reason, why Obama’s camp is coming up every week with a new BS to try to explain how he got it. None of these explanations hold water and each new one is more ridiculous than the other. I posted the phone number of the SS administration, you can call that number and demand speeding up the response and info.
May, 2010: Why is Obama’s Social Security Number from CT??

November, 2010: More on Obama’s use of a stolen Social Security number from CT and his cronies attempt to obfuscate the truth

December, 2010: Birthergate...The CT Connection

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