Sunday, March 17, 2013

How much smoke before you yell "FIRE"?

...a few days before Andrew Breitbart passed away I talked at the CA GOP convention with Reince Preibus, he told me that I should talk to Breitbart about my evidence. He said he will contact Breitbart and arrange a meeting. Less than 24 hours before Breitbart’s death I e-mailed Rence Preibus and asked if he already talked to Breitbart. I believe, I still have the printout of the e-mail. Next morning I saw an announcement that Breitbart was dead. I was told that at the same time Breitbart talked to Corsi. I believe that Breitbart was getting ready to talk about Obama’s forged IDs and bogus SSN. His sudden heart attack was very timely for those who wished him to be silent. Shortly after Breitbard died, the editorial board of his publication under the new management no longer showed any interest in pursuing the truth on this issue.

Apropo to Breitbart’s heart attack, today, only a few days before Obama’s visit to Israel, it was announced of a sudden death from a heart attack of a long time member of the Israeli Parliament Marina Solodkina. She was a PhD in Economics and an outspoken critic of militarization and resurgence of Nazism. Yesterday she gave a speech in Vilnus, Lithuania, part of the former Soviet Union. She was found dead in her hotel room shortly after the speech. Incidentally, Obama’s stepmother, third wife of Obama senior, Ruth Nidesand (Ndsanjo), mother of his stepbrothers Mark and David, came from the communist Vilnus, Lithuania.

Apropo #2, one of the assistants of the coroner who wrote a report on Breitbart’s heart attack was found dead from arsenic poisoning.

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