Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More mysterious deaths surrounding Obama

These three or possibly four deaths may or may not be connected.

Here is a short version. Three individuals with connection to certain documents were found dead in their cars in DC, one found burned alive in her car in TN.

Ashley Turnton was a special assistant to Nancy Pelosi in 2007. Turnton was burned to death in her car, which was parked in the garage of her house.

Lieutenant Quarles Harris (Lieutenant in this case is not a title, but an unusual first name) had stolen passport records, linked to group of three State department contractors who were caught hacking into Obama’s passport records. Harris was found dead in his car parked in front of his church in DC.

Secret Service agent assigned to Obama’s detail, Rafael Prieto, officially committed suicide because his affair became known, however he was already separated from his wife, so why would he commit suicide? Prieto was found dead in his car a few days ago.

Katherine Smith, DMV worker in TN, was indicted in issuing fraudulent drivers licenses. 5 Middle Eastern men were found with such bogus drivers licenses issued by Smith right after 9/11. One of them also was connected to “Magic Plumbing”, New Jersey plumbing company. This employee had a pass from the World Trade center from a day before 9/11.  As you recall, many burned to death in 9/11 due to the fact that someone switched off the sprinkler system. A day before Katherine Smith was supposed to testify in her trial, whe was found dead in her car, burned to death. The car had only a small bump, which would not cause the engine to explode or the car to catch on fire.

In 2009 I visited US attorneys office in Nashville, TN. I was with Fran MacLeran, wife of Presidential candidate and co-plaintiff in my MS case, Thomas MacLeran and 2 other people.

We showed them the threats, where I was threatened to be burned alive. I submitted a report from Investigator Sankey, which showed Obama using multiple forged IDs, fraudulent Social Security numbers, multiple addresses according to the national databases. One of these addresses was in NJ. It showed a lien from “Magic Plumbing”. This lien could be nothing, could be something.  At any rate, forged IDs were a matter of concern.

Assistant US Attorney told me that he lost  friend in 9/11 and was eager to investigate.

He called me a couple of weeks later and told me that his superior forbid him to investigate and ordered to close the case. I have the names of both US attorneys and phone numbers and dates written down. I signed in before the meeting. US attorneys office should have a log showing me there at the meeting.

Clips of reports are listed below:

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