Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The 5 worst things that Barack Obama did in 2012 (besides winning that election)

Twenty twelve sure was Obama’s year. Not only did he make the cover of Time Magazine (an honour he shares with Deng Xiaoping and Newt Gingrich) but he also got re-elected president. It helped that he ran against a man who never really wanted to win, but that shouldn't distract from Obama’s personal victory. Despite being hampered by high unemployment and a sex-obsessed Democratic Party that oh-so wants to be invited to the Playboy Mansion, he managed to become something that in post-war history is relatively rare: a two term Democrat. Well done, sir.

While Obama sits in the White House watching video mash ups of election night to the tune of The Only Way Is Up, for the losers the end of the year is an opportunity to remember the bad times. Here are a few of the things the Prez did, or didn’t do, in 2012.

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