Friday, January 11, 2013

20 Ways Cats Are Like Children


They both:
  1. Dislike baths (though a few oddballs absolutely adore it)
  2. Hate getting dressed up
  3. Speak a different language but you understand what they want when they “talk” to you
  4. Get into things and places they shouldn’t
  5. Need your attention the minute you’re trying to have an important phone call
  6. Prevent you from having nice furniture
  7. Throw up a lot (usually on rugs and fabrics)
  8. Keep you up all night either because they’re out until all hours worrying you sick or in your bed keeping you awake
  9. Think bathroom time for mommy means bathroom time for everyone
  10. Are impossible to stay mad at for long
  11. Are the only ones in the house who can get through the baby locks
  12. Leave their toys strewn about everywhere
  13. Are the smallest creatures in the home, but they take up the most space in bed
  14. Begrudge overzealous squeezes (aka corporal cuddling)
  15. Are mesmerized by mirrors, mobiles phones and computers – especially ones you’re currently using
  16. Fight with siblings
  17. Have the vilest smelling poo that we clean up because we love them
    (Shameless plug: World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Litter does help with the smell, and it’s litter I don’t worry about them ingesting when they clean between their toes!  I particularly like the new lavender scent too!).
  18. Favor cardboard boxes over expensive toys
  19. Are often finicky eaters
  20. Make our lives better! We can’t imagine life without them!

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