Monday, November 19, 2012

The day the music died

I usually "hat tip" the source if I find things through other sites, but I waited too long and lost it. (Sorry to whomever.) But this really echoes the way I feel (and probably echoes the way a lot of you feel, too) and so I just had to post it.

This is not just the normal dissatisfaction with "my guy" losing the election the way some liberals I know are trying force-feed everyone into believing. This goes way deeper into areas that they have no conception exist because they look at this country as a giant nipple to suck off of -- just like in the movie "The Matrix." This scares conservatives because we KNOW it can't last. (Where in history has it ever lasted?). It makes them cackle like we were trying to take away their toys and they thwarted us. They think they "won" and go merrily on their way, chortling down the road.

"By  By Miss American Pie" wanted to achieve the "tone" of our feelings which can be frustratingly elusive, but it did find it. Horror? Yes. But also, for me, sadness.

       Bye Bye Miss American Pie The day the music died … Twelve days long have passed since the re-election of Barack Obama. Since then I have started to write down my thoughts about the election at least four separate times. This makes five. I didn’t finish the others and instead of finishing this one…




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Zilla said...

I'm still not convinced that America actually "chose" this fate, not with all the rampant fraud that occurred (which the gutless GOP is curiously disinterested in addressing).
But still, everything the person quoted in the above post said is right.