Saturday, November 03, 2012

The $43 Trillion Dollar Heist

UPDATE: The following article was used to try and intimidate Orly Taitz, Esq. from continuing her legal challenges to the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency!

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"Most judges in this land have already been bought..."
Remember, if the grim view presented here reflects reality, we’re dealing with the best-trained assassins in the world, psychopathic professionals who are not likely to incriminate themselves or their masters. Remember too that the men who order such assassinations possess a license to kill. At least as far back as the Civil War, they have always been getting away with the murders of our best and brightest while we stood aside and looked (to paraphrase the late Bob Marley). So although we can’t be absolutely sure that the invisible government butchered Lucia and Leo, we can say that such butchery fits a historical pattern of state executions, and therefore that this pattern probably applies to these children as well. Given this pattern, given my background as a natural scientist and a frequent traveler to the land of statistical levels of significance, I’d place that the probability that the execution of Lucia and Leo was an act of state at about 90% (assuming of course that the basic facts in our possession are accurate and that this lawsuit and murders are not a COINTELPRO smokescreen.) That is, a priori, and without any detailed detective work, I feel there is roughly a 9 in 10 chance that Lucia and Leo have been murdered by rogue elements of the United States government.
Who Killed Lucia and Leo Krim?

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