Friday, July 06, 2012

Obama empowered FEMA to confiscate your food

From well-known natural foods expert Gary Null:
They also have managed, through the Food Health Safety legislation that was signed into law, they have put language of a type in there that would make it impossible, based upon the enormous bureaucratic paperwork, as well as the machinery necessary to grade and sterilize or otherwise manipulate seed to their standards, it would wipe out all small, organic and sustainable agricultural activists in the United States. . .

. . .FEMA is now collecting data on every single person in the United States that grows food so they have it in their databank. . .in case of any emergency, your food would be confiscated. All food would be confiscated.

We now know that there is legislation that is passed, and signed into law by Obama, that sets up this exact system. . .

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