Sunday, July 08, 2012

Colby's Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Every now and then someone comes into your life that will forever change you. On Saturday, March 31, 2012 I met that special someone. His name was Colby a magnificent and beautiful Golden Retriever and in the short time I had the pleasure of knowing him he managed to leave his loving paw print etched forever in my heart.

Colby was 12-14 years old, DUMPED by his humans at a shelter left to die alone. Colby was riddled with cancer, was skin and bones, could not walk but yet in spite of all his pain and suffering his eyes were so full of kindness, gratitude and most importantly, love. He was a gentle soul and ironically when they were trying to move him at the shelter he went to bite them HOWEVER when I got him to my wonderful human angel Doctor Mark Hohne, DVM from East Valley Veterinary Clinic who, because we could not move him, took the time to come out of his busy office to meet him, Colby allowed him to stroke his entire body without so much as a whimper. It was as if he knew at that moment his life was in the hands of a trusted and loving angel. Colby reminded me so much of my precious Golden Angel Alley and for a split moment through all his pain and suffering I thought I saw a glimpse of that infamous "Golden smile".

I had some time to sit with Colby and began to explain to him that I would do everything humanly possible to assure he and so many others like him would never have to face the Rainbow Bridge alone feeling unwanted and unloved. Colby lifted his head and placed his weak little paw in my hand as if to tell me "thank you". My heart cracked, the tears flowed and I knew in that instant Colby would forever remain in my heart.

His eyes were so expressive and the deeper I looked the more I could see forgiveness, compassion and his unconditional love for all of mankind in spite of what horrible experiences he had recently known. He then let me know he was ready and with one long sigh he bid me farewell and in that split second I knew my life had been truly touched by an angel. I made him a promise that I would look to the heavens above that night and search for his bright and shining star. Even in the face of death this animal had all the dignity and grace of royalty. That day I came face to face with all that is good in God's world and I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to have known, if even for a short period of time, a beautiful "Golden Angel named Colby".

In keeping my promise to one special Golden Angel, Leave No Paws Behind is happy and proud to announce our newest program "Colby's Rainbow Bridge Memorial Fund" in hopes this will allow anyone who does not have the means to do so, have the proper good bye with their beloved pets. No animal should ever cross the Bridge alone nor die searching and wondering why they were left behind. They are God's gift to human kind to be treasured and loved even in their final hours.

Our desire is to keep them out of the shelter in the end and into the arms of their loved ones. Please don't let them die wondering. Toby Wisneski, CEO/Founder, Leave No Paws Behind

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LNPB is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit governed under the laws of California. All donations benefit the health and welfare of abused and abandoned animals and are tax deductible.

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Anonymous said...

Such a touching story. RIP Colby you beautiful boy...