Saturday, February 18, 2012

How the Tea Party was born...never forget

The only good thing that came out of the stimulus package was something that the Obama administration never expected: An angry, silent majority that woke up, realized that they’d been sold down the river, and who decided to fight back. Tea party groups quickly sprang up across the U.S., and this silent majority was silent no more.

Today, those same citizens have put down their signs, and are now working behind the scenes in communities everywhere, fighting to take our country back from the oppressive mandates that this administration has hoisted upon them.

Don’t you believe the media for one minute when they tell you that the tea party is dead. The party is stronger than ever, and they will not stop until the Obama administration and their marxist-like policies are stricken from this nation.

Watch Santelli’s historic rant, and remember that if it weren’t for the stimulus, the tea party never would have been born. Thanks for that, Mr. President!

Rick Santelli: “You Can’t Buy Your Way Into Prosperity”

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