Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cats...they can save your life too

Wow. It's not just dogs that can save us.

Two great stories:

Keep this in mind if you’re ever considering rescuing a feline from the local shelter.

For fifteen (out of the last twenty years) I had three cats. Now we're down to just one, but she's like having three :-)

I've also had several dogs -- one for 17 years -- and I love all of them.

Cats are easier, though, and give you a bit more freedom since they always have their litter boxes. I hate thinking about the discomfort (and maybe even medical problems) when dogs can't just go when they need to and have to wait for their owners to come home (and I'm not talking about being gone for days at a time or anything like that.)

Still, we keep thinking about getting one except we're afraid of what our cat would do to us (they really know how to make you pay :-)

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