Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire lawmakers question Obama’s citizenship

CONCORD, N.H. — President Obama is on the Democratic ballot for New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday, despite the efforts of some Republican state legislators who argue the president doesn’t qualify as a “natural-born citizen.” “I don’t know where he was born, and I really don’t care,” said state Rep. Larry Rappaport of Colebrook, N.H., “but I think fraud is being perpetrated on the citizens of New Hampshire.” Mr. Rappaport and several GOP colleagues have been trying to get the New Hampshire secretary of state to remove Mr. Obama from the ballot. Their argument isn’t focused on the old question of the president’s birthplace, but on a clause in the U.S. Constitution that requires a candidate to be a “natural-born citizen.”

The most complete and authoritative discussion of the "natural born citizen" issue can be found on the Natural Born Citizen blog maintained by attorney Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.

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