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Subject: Do you plan to defeat Obama?
My name is Sgt. Quintana from Orlando, Florida and would like to take just a few minutes to share with you a bit about a project and movement I launched this past November.

While walking with my family in St. Augustine, Florida and going past a shop that was selling shirts I noticed a symbol and "catch word" that had become all too familiar and a nightmare to our nation; it was a shirt with Obama's campaign "rising sun" logo with the word "Change" on it.

Right then I thought to myself how great it would be to take that word and platform Obama ran on and instead make it "Change It Back" to express my desire to have the damaging legislative acts and executive orders his administration had inflicted on our nation reversed.

I quickly found that the internet was replete with items with this catchphrase but I thought again and knew that it had to be more than just a shirt with a catchphrase; it had to be a way not only to express my desire to undo those "changes" but a way to declare that I was going to be "one" of many who would not longer sit back and watch our nation fall apart in my own lifetime but who would rise and boldly declare to the whole nation and world that the will and the power of the American people were still very much alive!

So I decided that each shirt would bear a Voter # for each person who felt and thought the same a way as a testimony that we are not a few but a great majority who is not longer asleep but active and resolute to once again rekindle and embrace the truth that the government is subject to the people and not the other way around.

Knowing that the electorate college is who ultimately picks our president, nonetheless he who carries a landslide popular vote majority would be ushered into the White House and take the reigns of our nation and directed where it should go.

We need a bit over 70 million eligible American voters to make this "Change It Back" a reality this coming November, and although it is a lofty goal this is the number is trying to reach in order to have on November 6th a sea of people under one banner and accord wearing their shirts with their own voting numbers for all to see.

If what you have read above stirs anything in you and would like to see this movement be a success please take a minute to visit the site and see what it is all about.

As a former Veteran of the Iraq war, parts of the proceeds will be going to non-profit organizations that help our troops and their families. It is also a private venture that I hope will be able to provide jobs and be an example to all that it is not the government but the people who will get our country and economy back on track. It will serve to show that if you have an idea, service or product that people like, want and are willing to put their time and money into then success is attainable and the American Dream is still a reality for anyone who will try and not give up.

Again, if you can, please do visit the site and share it with others. I welcome any suggestion and feedback that you may have regarding this project and its execution. I apologize, as I don't mean for this post to be spam to any of you. Thank you all for your time.

SGT. Quintana, F. (USMC, Sep.)

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