Thursday, January 26, 2012

Huh? Republican candidates using "egregious signals" and "dog whistles"

Remember the "beer summit" and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.? He founded "The Root" -- "news and commentary from an African-American perspective" -- in 2008.

Listen to what the venerable professor thinks about our Republican candidates: Colorblind Racism: The New Norm
Colorblind racism is the new normal in American conservative political thought. Well after the election of the nation's first African-American president, in 2012 Republican candidates are using egregious signals and dog whistles to incite racial divisiveness as an effective tool for political gain. But when confronted about the nature of their offensive rhetoric, the answer is either an innocuous denial or dismissive retort.
Not like President Obama has EVER used "racial divisiveness" for political gain..oh wait, that's what he's been doing ever since he got elected!
It is curious that people bold enough to make outlandish racial claims never admit guilt or receive a proverbial trial and conviction by the greater populace.
Why, yes, it is, President Obama:
Allen West to Obama: MLK would be ‘devastated’

And, finally, Gates can't resist this one:
Last week's Fox News debate prior to the South Carolina Republican primary was an excellent example of the hubris inherent in today's racially charged, conservative environment

All the more offensive was the fact that this debate took place on the national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.
Desperate...or just ignorant?

O’Reilly: Dems, outraged over GOP debate on MLK Day, held own debate on previous MLK Day


Democrats have had one political strategy since Obama was elected: accuse ANYONE who disagrees with him of racism. This is a very convenient way to completely avoid discussing real issues for which they obviously have either no answers or the wrong answers judging from the REAL State of the Union.

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