Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Clint Eastwood likes Herman Cain...

Eastwood — who has never voted Democrat, besides a 1998 gubernatorial vote for iconic milquetoast Gray Davis — is a big fan of pizza tycoon Herman Cain.

...and so does Dick McDonald:

In Support of Herman Cain

I just listened to Herman Cain’s press conference where he answered questions from the main stream media after categorically denying all accusations of sexual harassment by all known accusers as well as ones he expects to surface in the future. I can appreciate his dilemma as I personally observed a similar situation with a very wealthy client I had early in life. In fact I can say my client’s dilemma and his response was a life altering experience for me. After watching the pain it caused him for ten years I dedicated my life to essentially taking a vacation while I was young enough to enjoy it. It taught me never to be involved in public corporations, the stock or the real estate market.

The client was J. Paul Getty and at the time reputed to be the richest man in the world. Now his problem wasn’t sexual harassment his problem was minority shareholder suits. As the owner of over 80% of the stock and president of major public corporations he was repeatedly sued by professional scum suckers who accused him of malfeasance in office. Like so many who are sued he settled rather than fighting it out in court. His banker confided in me the “standard” $50,000 checks the man regularly wrote to settle were legion. That was a lot of money at the time.

Herman Cain has led hundreds of thousands of employees over his lifetime. His run for high office has brought out the scum suckers just like they did for Mr. Getty. The latest accused him of sexual assault – groping her private parts and slamming her head into his. Now one would think that a man so possessed as that would have had hundreds of women he raped and groped show up to ring the celebrity bell. I doubt that will happen as these accusations don’t pass the smell test. The major corporations he ran and those who elected him to be the President of the Restaurant Association and Board Member of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank vet their people and would never have given him those jobs if he was a sexual predator.

I still hold that his 9-9-9 plan is not the plan to transition to a small government that could be supported by a consumption tax. Of course I would oppose it as I designed The Ownership Society’s Rise Up America plan which I believe should go first.

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