Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sensitive Fighter Pilots

By BGEN Greg Stroud (Ret)
Some of you know that I was recently "retired" as the 162 Fighter Wing Commander.
The decision was made by Brig Gen Mike Colangelo, the Arizona Air Commander, who replaced me because he "just wants to change the culture at the 162nd" -- not for cause or performance or any other reason.

This officer never commanded anything bigger than an Air Control Squadron, and somehow he wound up in charge.
Heck, the guy probably got beat up in grade school every day.

I think it is indicative of what is happening in our Air Force and reinforces what Bruce MacLennan and the anonymous author have to say below.
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From an American Airlines pilot who is also a reserve Marine Corps Officer:
From some of my AF Pilot buddies, they say this is a true statement from him. Sure wish we had more like him!!

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