Friday, September 23, 2011

Rick Perry

We met out-of-town friends last night -- D.C. friends -- and didn't yet watch the debate.

But it doesn't look good for Perry from what Prof. Jacobson has to say:
On appearances, Perry came across once again as ill-prepared, stumbling, and uncomfortable. I cringe at the thought of the Rick Perry from last night’s debate on stage in October 2012 against Obama with the whole country watching. I hope there is another Rick Perry out there, because last night’s Rick Perry would not stand a chance on stage against our smooth-talking, fact-misstating President.
The Rick Perry of lore needs to show up real soon

The really good conservatives (and really good men) in this race are Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. (I'm not all-in for Michelle Bachmann at this time.)

Why is it that they are written off so fast and so easily?

The one person who has been considered to be a shoe-in is Romney, and he is no different than a liberal Democrat.

Mark Steyn is speaking as I'm typing and he's saying the same thing: It would seem statistically improbable that the two lead candidates in the Republican Party are not sounding like Republicans!

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