Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Obama Timeline

The Condensed Obama Timeline 1959–1995

As regular visitors to know, The Obama Timeline is the most thoroughly researched and complete history of the current temporary occupant of our Oval Office. The Timeline details all of the relevant events in Obama’s life, from his birth in August 1961 until the present day.

Part I covers Obama’s birth through his first 100 days in office.

Part I of The Obama Timeline is available from all the major online booksellers. It contains 638 pages of information, evidence, and intellectual ammunition for those concerned Americans who wish to learn—and disseminate—the truth that the mainstream media has refused to investigate or report.

Part II of The Obama Timeline covers April 30, 2009 to the present.

Part II is updated on an almost daily basis. New text is highlighted in yellow to make it easier for the reader to identify updates. Sales of Part I of the Timeline help support the continuation of Part II.

Together, Parts I and II contain more than 3,000 pages and over 20,000 online references. The Obama Timeline is the world’s number one repository of Obama information, meant not just for historians and media researchers but all Americans who seek the truth.

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