Friday, June 17, 2011

The shocking Muslim secret behind Anthony Weiner's demise...

Los Angeles radio station KFI's Bill Carroll had a guest talking about this today. I received it as an email from a friend several days ago with this note: [EXPLOSIVE, if true. Sending as rec'd.]
Muslim women do not marry Jewish men, unless there's a reason. President Clinton does not officiate at their wedding, unless there's a reason. And Jewish Congressmen are not publicly exposed as sexual deviants, while their wife is touring the Middle East as the senior adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton without one heck of a good reason that is not being told.

Anthony Weiner is Israel's most vocal Democrat supporter in Congress. . .
Now the big question. In Washington, where dirt on every member of Congress is actively pursued, how did the Clintons or Abedin not know he was sexting young women. The answer is that something occurred within his marriage to push him beyond his harmless flirtations, to sending genital photos to women, one a minor. THAT he didn't do before he met Huma Abedin, Mata Hari on a job well done.

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