Friday, June 24, 2011

Hamas, Islam, and Israel

From Kurt Vangsness:
Excellent paper on how Islamic beliefs are driving the Israeli/"Palestinian" (Arab Muslims) conflict.

Also, the quotes below illustrate the "Fascist" political ideology of Islam. It also partially explains how Leftists often view Islam as ideological bedfellows. Besides the current "Arab Spring" uprisings, e.g., Leftist groups protesting in Egypt, and the Gaza Flotilla, e.g., Code Pink, there are the historical examples of the Grand Mufti Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini's alliance with Adolf Hitler and Michael Aflaq, founder of the Arab Nationalist Baath Party, who admired the Adolf Hilter and the NAZI party.

"This duty to wage expansionist jihad is a collective duty of all Muslims; that is, if a sufficient number engage in it, the whole community has fulfilled its obligation; if the number of participants is inadequate, the sin rests on all Muslims."

"The solution of Muhammad and the first caliphs was therefore to declare all conquered land the collective property of the Muslim community ( waqf) on which the former non-Muslim owners had to pay rent or land tax (kharaj); the ruler then shared out this revenue to the Muslim fighters after keeping his 20 percent."

"Palestine is the collective property of Muslims everywhere and must not be handed over to non-Muslims."
Read the whole thing:
Joseph S. Spoerl
Saint Anselm College

The electoral triumph of Hamas in the Palestinian elections of January 2006 has made it imperative for policy makers around the world to understand this group and its ideology. Is Hamas likely to soften its hostility to Israel? Is Hamas likely to receive significant support from the Muslim world? What are the odds that Hamas can be either placated or isolated? If Hamas can make a strong claim to be authentically Islamic in its ideological underpinnings, then it is more likely to receive support from portions of the Muslim world and less likely to be conciliatory vis-à-vis Israel. Unfortunately, a careful study of the ideology of Hamas and its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood, shows that that ideology is firmly rooted in traditional Islamic principles. Far from distorting or perverting classical Islamic law, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood can claim very plausibly that shari'a requires implacable and violent resistance to Israel, including terrorism, and denial of Israel's right to exist as a non-Muslim state located on Islamic territory. Efforts to placate or isolate Hamas are therefore unlikely to succeed.

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