Sunday, April 26, 2009

One of the biggest conspiracy theories I have heard in a long, long time!

Boy, this one's a real humdinger!!!

I have no idea, of course, whether it is true or not. You decide. Please comment if you have any information that either supports this or debunks it.

There is one thing that doesn't make sense about it though: Democrats never like to kill off their voter base (unless, somehow, those seven world-class microbiologists that mysteriously died last year created something that only kills off Republicans)! Then again, what about all those coffins and mass graves and...

Actually, I'm starting to get really nervous. Whoever did it, this just may be one of those "big ones" we all knew were coming one day.

The Recap:
FEMA ordered caskets over a year ago. DHS and FEMA began telling counties to plan for mass graves months ago. Panasonic knew that new strains of flu would strike and ordered their top people home. The military has been buying up all the ammunition. The bankers and stock guys have brazenly robbed as much as they can as fast as they can. The government admits flu virus was "lost" from its bio-weapons lab and the world is suddenly seeing an outbreak of a new, highly contagious and very deadly flu. Johns-Hopkins Docs say a 4 part flu is very unusual and may be man made.
Prepare to die; it's been planned and has begun

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