Wednesday, June 05, 2019

The most infamous demand of The Communist Manifesto is the “abolition of the family.”

Really, I don’t understand the left sometimes. They’re very upset at the practice of “family separation” of migrant children at the border (a practice that goes back many years, keep in mind), but then I return to my Communist Manifesto to remind myself that a key demand for achieving socialism is abolishing the family. Nationalizing the children has been a staple of socialist visions at least since Plato. So when it comes to the voters the left wants to attract from immigrant populations, mission accomplished! U.S. border policy is just giving the left a head start.

[Note: While author Steven Hayward is just using the border situation to make a point, I would like to remind my readers that the separation of children from parents at our border was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1997 and enforced ever since, including the eight years of BHO's reign.]

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