Monday, June 24, 2019

Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile


Obama had his 8 years and he blew it

America can only have one President at a time. Barack Obama has not only ignored that. He and the senior members of his corrupt government have been conducting an active conspiracy against the duly elected President.  They have been doing so since well before the 2016 election. Those activities continue to this day.
They need to be stopped, exposed, and prosecuted.
Never before in the history of our country has a former President acted in such an illegal and despicable manner. The former President, by effectively running an opposition government in exile, has betrayed the Constitution and the people of the United States.
“POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”, Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page
Well, so do we.
John Durham needs to hold all of them accountable. All of them. From Strzok to Brennan. From Jarrett and Rice to Rhodes and Obama. For the sake of the Republic. It seems clear that Durham is well on his way to bringing them all to justice. A grand jury has already been empaneled. The scope of the investigation continues to expand.
No wonder the coup plotters are nervous. They ought to be.

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