Wednesday, June 05, 2019


Real history, not fake history


It wasn’t that Duranty was an ignorant dupe – or, in today’s terms, a “useful idiot.” Duranty KNEW there was a real famine; he admitted as much to a diplomat at the British embassy, William Strang, in 1932.

So, why did Duranty fail to cover it with accuracy? The only conclusion we can draw is that Duranty was Stalin's apologist by choice.


The combination of Duranty’s tactics formed the basis of denial, and an apologist for mass murder went down in the history books. Given the NYTimes position as a highly respected paper of record, the world’s attention at the time was obfuscated, if not out-right diverted, from the cruelty unfolding in the Ukraine. The spin worked.

It is more than plausible to assert that Duranty’s coverage of The Holodomor contributed to the death count. By spinning the myth that there was no famine, and publishing that myth in a paper of record, Duranty and The New York Times were complicit in enabling intentional “murder by starvation.”
Denial of the Holodomor continues to be pushed by Russian propaganda media to this day. It is part of the information war, as Russia instigates military violence in Ukraine.

3.3 million souls…

This was the consequence of an apologist masquerading as an investigative journalist – using PR spin to cover a murderous dictator’s crimes.

Whatever the internal forces were that allowed Duranty’s stories to be published, The New York Times bears this historical accountability. They wear the scar of enabling an apologist.

They were Stalin’s co-conspirators, and the Holodomor’s blood is on their hands for all eternity.

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