Thursday, December 07, 2017

This is how corrupt bureaucracies and criminal operations attack targets like President Trump

From Clark Baker, former LAPD officer (and State Department personnel):
I recently posted this rough analogy for those who don't understand how the FBI targeted President Trump, Gen. Flynn, and Paul Manafort - and how none of us are safe:
Let's say that my associates and I operate an out-of-control and unaccountable government bureaucracy. You're doing nothing illegal, I must create a pretext (like the Russian Dossier") to begin our assault.

While you're driving responsibly, I pull you over for running a stop sign (called a "pretext stop"), even though you've committed no violation. During the interview, you deny running through a stop sign and claim that you're coming from the barber when you're actually coming from Sally's house. Although your driving and visit with Sally were entirely legal, you misrepresented the fact that you visited with Sally, not the barber. Now I can arrest you for lying. (NOTE - It's not illegal to lie to police - it IS a felony to lie to FBI.)

I then use unrestrained subpoena power to look at your bank accounts, harass and threaten your friends and associates. If any of your friends deliberately or accidentally misrepresent an innocuous fact, they too can be charged. You hire an attorney to defend you, while a phalanx of FBI/DOJ lawyers file a barrage of documents and demands that require thousands of hours of legal fees that you can't afford. Your wife and family now face the loss of your home and assets, all based upon a false claim that you ran a stop sign and lied about Sally.
This is how corrupt bureaucracies and criminal operations attack targets like President Trump. Because there are no checks or balances (and because they ignore/resist Congressional oversight), these unaccountable bureaucrats don't need to start with the primary target. If the actual target (i.e. Trump) is too big, they'll target his friends, family, and associates for similar harassment (i.e. Manafort, Flynn, their wives, kids). If they can't stop you, they'll stop your kids and your friends and tell them that you're the actual target. If they report one bad story (true or false) they can extricate themselves from the trap to serve as witnesses against you.

This is how corrupt cops, industries, bureaucracies, and governments operate. Corrupt bureaucracies like the DOJ and FBI are now attacking threats to protect themselves because they don't want Trump and other honest elected representatives to uncover the real dirt that exists in these agencies. Whether you support President Trump or not, the fact that the FBI and DOJ can do this to a sitting President means that NONE OF US ARE SAFE.

Like Hillary said: "If that fucking bastard wins, we'll all hang!"

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David E. Pierce said...

Perfectly stated.