Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sh*t happens

Andrew McCarthy, prosecutor for the first World Trade Center bombing, continues his highly detailed description of the corruption of Obama’s FBI and DoJ (sic). This was all being done to promote Hillary as President, at which point none of the extreme and pervasive corruption would have come to light.

Then, Trump happened.
In conclusion, while there is a dearth of evidence to date that the Trump campaign colluded in Russia’s cyber espionage attack on the 2016 election, there is abundant evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the Clinton campaign to use the Steele dossier as a vehicle for court-authorized monitoring of the Trump campaign — and to fuel a pre-election media narrative that U.S. intelligence agencies believed Trump was scheming with Russia to lift sanctions if he were elected president. Congress should continue pressing for answers, and President Trump should order the Justice Department and FBI to cooperate rather than — what’s the word? — resist.
— Andrew C. McCarthy is a senior fellow at the National Review Institute and a contributing editor of National Review.


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