Thursday, October 22, 2015

Is it Presidential...

Is it Presidential to continually lie to the American people telling them what they want to hear, only to do the opposite?
Is it Presidential to cozy up to the media and began censoring the message via your staff threatening manners?
Is it Presidential to lie directly to the interviewer with intent to do something different and then lie months later again and say you didn’t actually say what you did say?
Is it Presidential to constantly make statements about what the American people desire when you understand fully they don’t desire your message?
Is it Presidential to have a meeting with multiple media peoples outside the preview of cameras to formulate a false message and then have that same said media go out an propagate your false message?
Is it Presidential to have people working in and around your cabinet and other appointed positions which have immediate family members and/or spouses working at all major media outlets communicating and coordinating their news stories and interviews to match your intended message so as to maximize the belief of the people in your false narrative?
Is it Presidential to lead from behind?
Is it Presidential to refuse to allow the American people access to who you are and use the office to go after anybody wishing to know where you came from and what motivates you?
Is it Presidential to fundamentally transform the greatest country in the world into the most divided country on Earth?
Is it Presidential to say, “All this for a fucking flag,” and then laugh it off with the first lady?
Is it Presidential to say, “The most beautiful sound I’ve heard in my entire life, is the Muslim call to prayer?”
Is it Presidential to wear a ring stating, “There is no God but Allah,” while stating you are a Christian?
Is it Presidential to campaign against school of choice while sending your own daughters to private school?
Is it Presidential to state openly we need to get rid of guns while sending your own daughters to private school escorted by armed security?
Is it Presidential to go on vacations totaling triple the expenses of all other Presidents combined?
Is it Presidential to go on “family” vacations that which you go to one destination and the “family” goes to another location?
Is it Presidential to fly your pet dog separate than the family in a full size jet because it didn’t match your planned schedule properly?
Is it Presidential to live as the President and have nobody in America ever see you with a friend from your college days?
Is it Presidential to not be able to keep any friend longer than a few years?
Is it Presidential to have as your number one advisor a person that which was born in Iran?
Is it Presidential to welcome the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and take them off the terror watch list when the world labels them a terrorist organization?
Is it Presidential to spend more money than that of all the Presidents before you combined?
Is it Presidential to give money to those who donated to your campaign and not to those voting you into office?
Is it Presidential to freeze the debt clock at 18.5 Trillion dollars so as the debt increases to over 20 Trillion dollars you won’t have the American people in the know and thus not bring attention to your criminal ways?
I hope I represent all of the American people when I say, “If the above is Presidential than we don’t need a President.”
I hope I represent all of the American people when I say, “Get the hell out of office already so Americans can began digging ourselves out of this pit of despair you’ve thrown us into.”
I’m just an ordinary citizen and I thank you in advance for your answers.
--Josh (10/21/15)

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