Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Have We Forgotten The Noakhali 1946 Genocide of Hindus?

“Reports published in the press and statements of public workers depict a scene of bestiality and medieval barbarity that must fill every decent human being with shame, disgust and anger. “British correspondent of The Statesman remarked,

“Experience of the second world war has made my nerve quite strong. But even war is not such barbaric. It is middle age type insanity. And it was given a horrible shape”
Why haven't we heard about this?
If the readers are wondering as to why such a major tragedy has not come to light, they should thank Nehru and subsequent Congress governments. Ignoring world renowned and respected historians like R.C.Majumdar, all educational institutions like NCERT & ICHR have been given to Marxists and Muslims like Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, Gopal Krishan and R.S.Sharma. Their common qualification is their hatred for Hindu dharm and everything that it stands for.

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