Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BTW: Florida voter errors cost Al Gore the 2000 presidential election

For all my foreign readers and readers who don't know or don't remember, our 2000 presidential election is the reason why politics in the United States turned as horribly bitter and divided as it continues to be today!

There is a two-part TV documentary which premiered in Britain and America on February 20, 2012 that reveals how friends and colleagues around Bill Clinton around, speaking publicly for the first time, tell of their disbelief and sense of betrayal about Monica Lewinsky affair. This made Al Gore's victory all the more important for the Democrats to be vindicated and redeemed.

Today, disappointed and angry Democrats will continue to go to their graves believing that George W. Bush "stole" the election from Al Gore and NOTHING will dissuade them from this virulent grudge.

Because our country got rich and fat and FORGOT OUR ROOTS, and also because we have become a nation of celebrity and charisma junkies, we will ALL lose our freedom and the window to turn things around has almost closed as Mark Levin has so well and passionately documented.

Please keep this story handy if you, like I did today, run into someone who still hangs onto that myth:

George W. Bush would have won a hand recount of all disputed ballots in Florida's presidential election if the most widely accepted standard for judging votes had been applied, the first comprehensive examination of the ballots shows. However, the review of 171,908 ballots also reveals that voting mistakes by thousands of Democratic voters — errors that legally disqualified their ballots — probably cost former vice president Al Gore 15,000 to 25,000 votes. That's enough to have decisively won Florida and the White House. Gore's best chance to win was lost before the ballots were counted, the study shows. Voters' confusion with ballot instruction and design and voting machines appears to have changed the course of U.S. history.

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