Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why Mark Thiessen and other FOX pundits are wrong on Syria

By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
Yesterday a new detente ensured between GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, and FOX. Or did it?
Clearly, detente is better than war for both parties, however lopsided coverage of Trump continues, particularly on Kelly File and one of the main Trump hounds is Mark Thiessen.
On Monday, October 29th, Trump has announced his economic and tax policy plan. This plan provides financial relief for many, including lower tax burden for most of the poor and the middle class, reduction of the maximum tax to 25% from 39%, abolishment of the death tax, which bankrupted families of farmers and small business owners, and serious proposals to repatriate trillions of dollars which corporations keep abroad. The plan also will cut federal spending by estimated 20% and most importantly it would rescind and renegotiate disastrous free trade agreements which are bankrupting this nation and robbed Americans of some 30 million jobs.
Megyn Kelly chose not to mention any of these most important points. She chose to zero in on Trump’s proposal to allow Russia help Syrian government in destroying ISIS.
Trump’s position is that US, Europe and the rest of the world will benefit from US allowing Russia spend it’s money and use it’s soldiers in fighting ISIS in Syria. Kelly brought the main Trump hound dog, Mark Thiessen to attack Trump.
Thiessen stated that this is a terrible idea because Russia will never get out from Syria. Second of all, he stated that Syria is connected to Iran and allowing Russia to intervene will aid Iran. He claimed that Trump simply does not understand foreign policy.
First, I hope that Trump will be a bigger person and will appear on Kelly file and respond to constant attacks by Thiessen or at the very minimum, if Trump does not want to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly, he can at least keep the door open during this time slot by giving interviews to Kelly’s replacements, such as Martha McCallum or Shannon Bream, who host Kelly file in her absence. At the moment, explaining the policies to American viewers is the most important thing and supersedes the tag of war with FOX. Winning the nomination and presidency is more important than winning the war with FOX.
Now, let’s go to the substance of the discussion.
1. Thiessen is wrong in his assumption that if Russia goes in, it will never leave Syria. We’ve seen multiple examples of Russia leaving specific countries. After all, the Soviet Union consisted of 15 countries and Russia left 14. Additionally Russia left Afghanistan.
2. Occupation of Syria by Russia will not be easy. Muslim population in the Middle East dislikes westerners, dislikes Christians. For them Americans, British or Russians are all invaders and Chrusaders, so for Russia, war in Syria will not be a walk in the park.
3. Russia’s bet in Syria, Bashir al Assad is a member of the Alawite minority and it is always tough to keep a regime of a minority.
4. Assad’s father, Hafez al Assad ruled Syria for some 40 years and people in Syria are fed up with Assad family.
5. Syria might end up being a second Afghanistan for Russia. Russia believed that Afghanistan will be a Blitzkrieg, a fast and decisive action. At the end, it was a protractive war, which cost Russia trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, undermined economy and was one of the major contributing factors in the fall of the Warsaw block and the Soviet Union.
6. Aside from Syria, a number of other countries represent hunting grounds for extremists sponsored by Iran. We have seen an upheaval in Yemen and descendence of Yemen into the civil war. Following Thiessen’s logic, if we have to send US troops to every region, where there are forces sponsored by Iran, we would have to send our boys to lose lives and limbs in Yemeni civil war as well. What about Tunisia? Libya? Where does it end? After 14 years of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with estimated 4,000 Americans killed,some 40,000 wounded or disabled, 1-2 trillion spent, this nation does not have the stomach to descend in yet another war in the Middle East. So, doesn’t it make more sense for Russia to spend trillions of dollars and send their troops to fight ISIS versus US doing this?
7. Even if we wanted to go into war in Syria, we are not ready militarily or financially. The next president will have to clean up the results of disastrous economic policies of Obama, who incurred more debt than 43 president in some 230 years before him. Trump will have to rebuild the US military, pass balanced budget amendment, pay of the debt, create jobs for 94 million, who are not in work force.
When you are flying, the stewardess will tell you: put your own oxygen mask first, then help others. US needs economic oxygen, needs to heal it’s economy before helping Syria and entering in yet another conflict.
I hope Trump goes on Kelly File with either Kelly or one of her replacements to explain all of the above points to the voters.
Why Mark Thiessen and other FOX pundits are wrong on Syria

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