Monday, September 14, 2015

Ripened Fruit

"...the prime social-engineering technology developed by the Frankfurt School, right on the campus of Columbia University in Marxist-leaning New York City -- CRITICAL THEORY -- is diabolical "genius."


"Androgyny" is basically the social-engineering technology of turning men into women, and women into men.

Remember, the goal of the Marxist is to destroy the capitalist society and free-enterprise. The Middle Class is the engine of the capitalist society and the Family Unit is the basic building block of the Middle Class. Thus, if the Family Unit can be destroyed, this will undermine the Middle Class. The capitalist society would thus fall into the Marxist's laps "like ripened fruit," as one of the Frankfurt School leaders, Max Horkheimer, actually put it in writing. So, "androgyny" is the technology of essentially confusing the youth about sexuality and family values.


Either you get it or you don't . . .
or you'll confront it or you won't.


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