Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Loch Ness Monster of Politics

Progressives, to be fair, say that the history of socialism isn’t just the Great Terror of the French Revolution, the purges and enforced famine of the of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; the mass starvation of maybe fifty million Chinese peasants in the People’s Republic of China; seven, eight, ten million more teachers, doctors, and musicians murdered in the progressive socialist takeovers in Vietnam and Cambodia; plus throw in a couple more million murdered by socialists – but progressive socialists! – in Cuba, El Salvador, Nicauragua and Venezuela, etc. and so on. They say Socialism can work without killing hundreds of millions of people, and to prove it, they point to places like Sweden. . .
First, Sweden can afford to pay all of these benefits –“free” health care, “free” maternity leave, and so on – because the cost of defending Sweden is paid by American capitalist taxpayers. I don’t want to hear about the few jets or token troops Sweden might have.  ALL of the money made by ALL of the Swedes could not pay for Sweden’s defense against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Good socialism only exists because capitalists pay to defend the good socialists from the bad socialists.  

And Sweden, and the rest of the socialist states, is a fraud for a second reason: All of the European socialist states – ALL of them – are dying. 
Socialism is a Ponzi scheme. In order to pay for someone from cradle to grave, someone else has to do the work to come up with the tax money. As long as you have a pyramid – enough young people working – then you can afford these kind of benefits. And sure enough, that was the case for several decades after World War 2. 

A stable society – not a pyramid but just a column – requires about 2.1 births per woman: one to replace the man, one to replace the woman and point 1 to take the fire challenge on Facebook. That .1 belongs to Darwin – they’re not going to live long enough to have kids. 
Sweden’s birthrate is 1.9. There are fewer Swedes every year. Norway is 1.9; Denmark is 1.7; Canada is 1.6; Japan is 1.4, and Spain and Greece are all 1.3. These social welfare states are dying. Turns out if the government gives people everything they need to live, they don’t seem to want to live anymore – not as a culture, anyway. They’re all dying – all of them – and their welfare states are propped up by importing workers from places like Yemen – where the birthrate is a robust 4.2. Unfortunately, these imported workers – many of them from Muslim countries, where they still do want to live – aren’t Swedes, no matter how hard Sweden tried to make them Swedes. So blonde Swedish women no longer feel safe going out in a mini-skirt. And for at least five years in Neighboring Oslo, Norway, the percentage of rapes caused by the Muslim minority was – 100%. All of them. As the brilliant mark Steyn said: demographics is destiny.  
Bad socialists murdered at least 200 million people. Good socialists are committing suicide, and would have been extinct long ago without American capitalism to protect them from the bad socialists.

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