Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Natural cures for the Ebola virus?

Interestingly, there may are some nutritional sources that can seriously help!
If there were a drug that worked to eradicate Ebola virus one should use it. However, there is no such drug or vaccine. It is a proven fact that malnutrition is linked to viral infections like Ebola. The typical seasonal shortage of food running from June through September in central Africa is a possible reason why the current Ebola virus outbreak has reached unprecedented levels. [Washington Post Sept 16, 2014]

In the midst of this Ebola outbreak public health authorities should be thinking “nutrition.” Instead they are thinking “vaccine deficiency,” “drug deficiency,” and how to raise the stock price of developmental drug and vaccine companies.
Please scroll more than halfway down this article to the section starting with "Nutraceuticals."

There were several more of these types of solutions discussed in a previous post including this scientific paper: REVIEW ARTICLE: Ebola virus disease: potential use of melatonin as a treatment

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