Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/25/14: Letter from Orly Taitz

From Orly Taitz

I would like to thank everyone who supported me over the years. It is a very tough battle. Some critics attacked me in the past, saying that I might have not done enough in the case of Obama’s lack of eligibility and his use of bogus IDs. I know that if for some reason Judge Hanen would not rule in my favor on Wednesday in regards to Ebola ban, some jerks will attack me saying that I did not do enough.
However, I would like to bring a couple of examples to illustrate that there is an enormous pressure on judges to rule for the regime and it is extremely hard to get a ruling against the regime.
Firstly, 46 attorneys and hundreds of prose litigants filed legal actions challenging Obama’s legitimacy and bringing forward undeniable evidence that he is using bogus IDs. None of these cases were heard on the merits. So, it was not the fact that Attorney Taitz did not do enough, it is our rulling oligarchy pushing the strings to dismiss all cases against their puppet, regardless of how good the attorneys are and how good the argument is.
Secondly, recently DC judge Reggie Walton dismissed most of the complaints against the IRS filed by Tea party groups. These cases were filed by Cleta Mitchell and I believe someone working with the judicial watch. Cleta Mitchell is 64 years old, she’s been around for a while, she is experienced. I had nothing to do with these cases. I never filed any cases against the IRS, and even jerks criticizing me, cannot state that a negative decision in my case somehow influenced these cases, yet it was a major loss for the citizens of this country and a major win or major lawlessness triumph for the ruling oligarchy . In my opinion the decision by Judge Walton was totally unconscionable and he is paving the way to persecution of dissidents and opponents of the regime. He claimed that because IRS granted these Tea Party groups non-profit status 4 years late, after these groups lost donations for 4 years, it was somehow ok and nobody at IRS should be penalized. There was a clear case of the deprivation of civil rights of the members of these Tea party groups, there was clearly a violation of equal protection. Lois Lerner granted a non-profit status to Obama’s half brother in Africa only 2-3 weeks after he filed a request, even though he did not even have a proper mailing address for his group, yet Lerner harassed Tea party groups for 4 years and dragged her feet in not granting the Tax Exempt status. Judge Walton thought it was ok.
I brought these examples to illustrate, how hard it is to fight the regime and a few jerks, who attack me misrepresenting these attacks, as if they came from others, need to get a life and do something productive with their lives instead of being a pest.

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