Thursday, February 13, 2014


Roberts calls his bill the Utah 4th Amendment Protection Act, which would prohibit state material support, participation, or assistance to any federal agency that collects electronic data or metadata without a search warrant "that particularly describes the person, place and thing to be searched or seized."

Roberts says, "The language of the Fourth Amendment is clear.  It simply protects us against unreasonable and unwarranted searches or seizures of our persons, private residencies and property, documents and information and personal and private belongings.  This legislation preserves those rights to the people," as the mass surveillance and data collection on US citizens by the NSA is an obvious violation of the 4th.

What enables Roberts' bill, if passed, to shut Bumblehive down is a 1952 federal law called the McCarran Amendment, which waives federal sovereign supremacy over intrastate water, and gives the States instead supreme power to regulate it.

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