Sunday, February 02, 2014

NBC: Super Bowl Blackout for Time Warner Cable Customers

I drove about 45 minutes down to my husband's favorite pizza place (FABROCINI's) and boy was I shocked when I was greeted at the door with an angry man! I thought that he, given that this is our very last Super Bowl in California, would be SO HAPPY when I carried it in...I was SHOCKED to find out that TIME-WARNER CABLE was DOWN!!!

I won't begin to bore you with the phone calls, the "special numbers" that didn't answer, etc., etc., etc.-- if you are interested, or if you are a cable "voyeur," you can go to their FACEBOOK page or their Twitter page which they are skillfully (social media wise) filling up with positive comments to bury all the MANY negative ones from frustrated (now DISH) customers!

Taking a cue from Obama it appears--GOSH!--it might not even actually be THEIR fault...
Los Angeles Area Customers: We're investigating an issue with KTTV, KCAL, and KTLA Analog/Standard Definition feeds. The Digital/High Definition feeds appear to be OK. We're working to resolve ASAP. Updates will be posted via Twitter (@TWC_Help) as soon as they are made available. We apologize for the inconvenience. --Kevin
Customers were SO FRUSTRATED in not being able to reach Customer Support (the NUMBER ONE mistake companies can make) that they called NBC NEWS which, of course, jumped on this story right away!

Most of the comments I read (and my husband's FIRST reaction): WE WANT AN ENTIRE MONTH OF FREE SERVICE!!!

I can only imagine the vibe at everyone's house who spent a lot of money on food and invited a lot of people over...I know there are bigger priorities in this world, but TME-WARNER charges us all a lot of money every month which impacts us all to a greater or lesser degree. Unless we want to live like the Taliban wants us to live (no music, no entertainment, nothing but cavemen) then they need to get their sh*t together.

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