Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Who really owns the Long Beach Naval Base in California?

...and the REAL reason behind the Obama administration's big push for gun control:
In 2012, a Chinese Officer was arrested for trespassing. When it went to court, although he was a Chinese Citizen and Officer on American Soil, he had to be acquitted, because he was on Chinese property. There have also been sightings of Chinese Warships in 2013, which were calmly explained away as a joint effort with the Chinese Military. They are parking in the Naval Yard they now own and there is nothing Americans can do about it.


Vladimir Val said...

We need an explanation on this one. How is it possible that a foreign power owns an American military base? If this is true Obama needs to be impeached now!

lgstarr said...

Val, here's another link on this:

From 2010: