Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Boehner GOP Exodus Pledge


The Boehner GOP Exodus Pledge

I pledge to leave the Republican Party if Speaker John Boehner allows an Immigration Bill to pass the House before the November Elections of 2014.

I pledge to raise money and organize community forums and rallies for GOP registered voters for the purpose of changing Party afilliation.  We shall call these events “The Boehner GOP Exodus Pledge" farewell parties.

I pledge my honor and fortune to defeat John Boehner and any legislator that votes for an Immigration Bill in the House before the November 2014 Elections. (1)

My Pledge is Irrevocable, so help me God.

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Stop 15 Million Undocumented Democrats from Getting the Vote

(1)  Exempt from The Pledge: Bills that obligates and funds the Federal Government to enforce current immigration laws, makes existing immigration laws more restrictive, ends automatic birth citizenship; and that funds and puts a deadline on building the border fence as approved by Congress in 2006 are exempted from The Pledge.

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