Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whites are sixty times more likely to be assaulted by blacks in America than blacks by whites.

From Clark Baker:
Why are so many ostensibly educated people confused about Zimmerman's acquittal? Having served with the LAPD and USMC, wrestled, fought, and investigated hundreds of assaults, I may have some insight about the kinds of injuries expected on violent suspects and their victims.

If a woman had head injuries like those on Zimmerman's head, and her husband had injuries like those on Trayvon's knuckles, I probably would not have arrested the woman - even if she shot him. At the very least, Zimmerman's head injuries and Trayvon's knuckle abrasions raise enough "reasonable doubt" that I could not in good conscience arrest Zimmerman. Trayvon's injuries were not "defense wounds," and if he had time to pummel Zimmerman with his fists, he had time to run away from a neighborhood watch citizen who had a Constitutionally-protected right to follow Trayvon and ask questions.

All citizens have powers to arrest, just as they have a right to ask reasonable questions of others. When asked questions, a civilized person would respond in kind. In the landmark “community policing” treatise “BROKEN WINDOWS” (Atlantic 1982), Professor Wilson describes “strangers” and “regulars.” As a “stranger,” (i.e. someone who a regular doesn’t recognize), Trayvon’s response to Zimmerman’s inquiry might’ve been, “Hi – I’m Trayvon, and I’m visiting my dad’s girlfriend who lives at …” If Zimmerman didn’t believe Trayvon, he could have followed the “stranger” until he arrived at his destination. Once invited by the resident, the “stranger” becomes a “regular.”

The knee-jerk reaction against Zimmerman is no different from the hatred expressed against Tom Robinson (To Kill a Mockingbird). Like the accused in that movie, the allegations against Zimmerman are apparently so outrageous that his accusers don't need evidence as much as they need a lynching. Having spent my adult life protecting the lives of others, I'm a bit sensitive about human rights, due process and evidence - even when the accused is a "white Hispanic."

Had Zimmerman and Trayvon both been black (or Zimmerman black and Trayvon white), none of the armchair civil rights wannabes who feign outrage (usually to showcase their own racial innocence) would care. To them, it doesn’t matter that whites are sixty times more likely to be assaulted by blacks in America than blacks by whites. Their preoccupation with the races of Trayvon and Zimmerman betray the real racism in America.

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