Monday, July 15, 2013

Re: Obama's use of stolen CT SSN and all other fabricated ID's

Status of challenges against Obama due to his use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 and all fabricated IDs
Press Release from Attorney Orly Taitz
Second response received from the US Department of Justice. They are stating that they are forwarding complaint and FOIA request from Taitz  to yet another department.
As of now  the status of challenges against Obama due to his use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 and all fabricated IDs is as follows:
1. A legal action was filed against the Postmaster General and Inspector General of the USPS due to Obama’s use of a fabricated cancellation USPS postal stamp on his fabricated Selective Service certificate. Inspector General gave fraud department 30 days to take action and report, so far no response. Attorney Taitz will keep the public appraised when she receives the response from the fraud department of the USPS
2. Complaint to the Department of Justice was forwarded by the Justice Department  to the FBI, no response from the FBI yet
3. Today DOJ sent one more response, stating that they are forwarding the complaint from Taitz to yet another department
4. Legal action against the Commissioner of the Social SecurityAdministration is to be decided by Judge Lamberth any day now. It has been 15 days, the public cannot influence the court which way to decide, however the public can write or call the court and ask to expedite the case of national importance. The number   is 202-354-3080, 202-354-3192
5. FOIA request was filed with the selective service in regards to the complaint by Taitz submitted to William Chatfield, Director of the SSS in 2009.
6. FOIA request for information was sent to the Department of Treasury seeking a report on any action in relation to the complaint filed by Attorney Taitz. More information is available on Taitz is proceeding with all these legal challenges pro bono. Donations to help maintain the legal challenges are greatly appreciated.

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