Saturday, January 05, 2013

Welcome to the Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!

2012 Zilla Award

If you click here you will see that this blog -- lgstarr -- won an award for "Best All-Around Blogging" and that has just made the day for me (especially since I've got some weird thing going on in my throat that tickles, chokes me, and won't let me talk more than 30 seconds without coughing)!

I absolutely know that what I do here is not equal to some of the other winners in this category, but it did give me the confidence to post my very first Paypal button here (which you'll see top right), and I must say that in this day and age (Age of Obama), living on a fixed income is turning into a very unpleasant journey as this country descends deeper and deeper into a financial and economic pit generated by all the angry, grasping, hating, prosperity-and-freedom killers on the Left and in the Democratic Party.

I tell you, John F. Kennedy would not recognize this party anymore!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2012 Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!*
Thanks, Kiddo!

*Re: "Dextrosphere"

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Zilla said...

Your award is well deserved, lady, you blog your fingers off with a righteous awesomeness that deserves recognition!
I hope your throat feels better soon. Could it be thrush? A lot of the people I come across in the Lyme community have throat issues that turn out to be thrush, you know, because all the antibiotics leaves us vulnerable to weird manifestations of Candida and other mycoses. Well, whatever it is, I hope if clears up soon. I am thankful that throat irritation is not usually among my many weird problems, cuz that would drive me nuts.