Sunday, December 23, 2012

Now they tell us

AFP - No one wanted to be president less than Mitt Romney, his son said in an interview out Sunday that raises new questions about the candidacy of the losing Republican nominee.

In an interview with the Boston Globe examining what went wrong with the Romney campaign, his eldest son Tagg explains that his father had been a reluctant candidate from the start.
Romney didn't want to run for president, son says

So who the hell's bright idea was it, then? (And why would Mitt Romney let anyone else push him into something he didn't want to do?)

I resent the fact that there is a group of people in the Republican Party who are not only manipulating and distorting the process of Republicans selecting their representatives, but who are forcing and coercing people who have no interest in doing so into running! By what right? And, for what reason?

If there EVER was a reason for TARRING AND FEATHERING politicians, this is it!

(Not to mention the illegal alien who is using this country to fulfill his Marxist wet dreams.)

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~~Robert said...

I do not know what to make of it. I suspect Mitt felt an obligation to the nation.

Apparently, he was convinced by the "establishment" that he was needed.

We needed a candidate, not just with the correct ideas, but with a killer instinct, like his corrupt adversary.