Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mexican Nazis

From To The Point News:
By the way, whenever will Mexican Nazis be called racists?  Fox disclosed this week (12/17) that the school district of Salinas, California intends to name an elementary school after a murderous 19thcentury Mexican bandit, Tiburcio Vasquez.  This is straight out Orwellian Marxist racism, another attempt to portray a murdering thug as an anti-white, anti-America hero like Che Guevara.

So I have a suggestion for TTPers.  That you email or call the hate-America racist responsible for this, John Ramirez, Superintendent of the Alisal Union School District, and politely ask that he stop making his school infamous and an object of ridicule - and instead, name this school after a true 19th century Mexican-American hero and patriot.

That would be Romualdo Pacheco (1831-1899) - the first and to this day only Hispanic governor of California.  He had an extraordinary career as you can read in the link - being, just for example, one of the first politicians in California to denounce slavery, and the only California Governor to have roped a grizzly bear.  Not even Ronald Reagan can claim that!

Strangely, not a single California school has yet been named after him - although the Governor Romualdo Pacheco Elementary School in Indio (near Palm Springs) is scheduled to open next year.

The Salinas Peace Officer Association has condemned Ramirez's honoring a murdering bandit, while the Monterey County Deputy Sherriff Association has expressed "extreme disappointment."  You could contact them as well with the suggestion of Gov. Pacheco.

So Superintendent Ramirez, by making his decision immediate, could be the first to honor California's only Mexican-American governor - and be praised instead of denounced and laughed at.

There is however an important connection between Gov. Pacheco and the bandit Vasquez.  When Vasquez was finally captured and found guilty of murder by trial jury in January, 1875, he was sentenced to death by hanging.  In early March, he appealed to the state's new governor, who had just taken office on February 27, for clemency.  The appeal was denied, and on March 19, 1875, Vasquez was hung.  The governor who denied the appeal was Romualdo Pacheco.

Ps:  the story of Mexican Nazis is told in TTP, May 2005.

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