Thursday, September 13, 2012

The missing scene that the Clinton's forced ABC & Disney to remove from "The Path to 9/11"

Do you remember that the Clinton's forced an edit before this was aired?

And, keep this comment from Australian Bob Downe on 9/11/06 in mind:
"I can't believe how many have commented and bagged it out without actually seeing it!"
(I can. Liberals are great at censorship.)
Last year [September 10-11, 2006], ABC and Disney appeared to cave to political pressure from Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, and Democrat leaders in the Senate. As a result, a key scene that was critical of the Clinton administration's mishandling of Osama bin Laden never made it to broadcast television. To this day, Disney refuses to release the movie on DVD.
And, as far as Sandy Berger goes, I consider this to be as great an unsolved mystery as the the Kennedy assassination!!


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