Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Solution to Our Economic and Social Nightmare

Republicans and Democrats don’t need to compromise they need to use capitalism with a small amount of social discipline to make the country far more exceptional as well as geometrically more prosperous than it is today.

This Mission Statement for the website,, will only scratch the surface of the mission the "RISE UP AMERICA" (RUA) plan hopes to accomplish. To those of you who have never been wealthy, many of the goals listed below may seem like an "impossible dream". But give yourself the benefit of the doubt and accept for a moment the fact that "capitalism" can make you wealthy even if you don't have the "tools" to compete for the big bucks nor the cash to invest and save to become wealthy. You have seen the 40-year tables and realize that just by working, being stable and industrious during those years, you too can become wealthy under RUA.. Now review all the societal problems Rise Up plans to solve.
  • Ends endemic poverty as we know it

  • Delivers the American Dream to even those that can’t compete

  • Uses the capitalism not socialism to solve many of our problems

  • Creates "USA's" Universal Savings Accounts for everyone

  • Finally economically emancipates women through the sharing of "USA's"

  • Provides retirement checks that allow retirees to live affluently

  • Forces a 15% savings on citizens at no new cost to them

  • Creates wealth by compounding (see the tables)

  • Reduces the National budget eventually by 40%

  • Immediately liquidates as much as $100 Trillion of potential entitlement debt

  • Delivers the biggest tax cut in history

  • Gives the disadvantaged a reason to live and care about their life

  • Delivers "reparations" in the form of a USA - a personal investment account

  • Reduces crime, victimization, and dependence on government

  • Reduces stress caused by crime and financial difficulties

  • Eliminates the need of the private sector to finance retirement

  • Makes business more competitive

  • Eliminates retirement costs their competitors don’t have to pay

  • Eliminates the union’s need to bargain for retirement funding

  • Creates "ONE" retirement account that replaces millions of plans

  • Solves State and municipal pension concerns and unfunded obligations

  • Energizes the economy with an immense injection of capital

  • Teaches 50% of Americans about capitalism and stock investing

  • Infects America with the optimism - the Shining City on the Hill"

  • Reduce ethnic and racial tensions by making everyone wealthy

  • An air-tight way to eventually deliver the American dream to everyone

  • Brings back the market to areas convoluted by government intervention

  • Makes America the banker to the world

  • Gets everyone on the same page pulling in the same direction

  • Infects the population with a desire to win and increase stock values

  • Restores America’s confidence in her politicians

Neither opponent nor supporter of RUA can argue that what it proposes is not something the people want for themselves - real wealth, freedom of choice and the American Dream. In the plan the people are empowered and the state will lose some of theirs. Those who believe in the ability of the few to orchestrate the lives of the many are just fooling themselves. The private sector in America has proven that when all 300 plus million Americans are able to invent, design, develop and implement their ideas freely our society prospers socially and economically. That prescription has made us the economic and military giant of the planet with just 4.5% of its population.

RUA will make major adjustments that will enable the individual to reacquire the rights and freedoms lost to the emergence of big government over the last century. It will also let capitalism deliver the American Dream to those that are unprepared to compete at the level necessary to insure them of that dream. This will demonstrate to the world that capitalism is not only a system that delivers wealth to the rich but one that delivers wealth to the poor as well. What socialism failed to deliver, capitalism will. Those that refuse to allow this to happen are doomed to the ash heap of history like all social totalitarians that believe man is so deliriously weak he can be convinced to live in a world of equal outcomes for unequal contributions thereby denying his own natural instincts.

RUA will travel a bumpy road with massive opposition from those whose powers and perks will be taken from them.. There are evil men in this world who will work desperately to keep the poor, poor. When opponents put their roadblocks in the way, ask yourself how it was so simple to give “personal accounts” to politicians, Congressmen, Senators and 3.3 million Federal workers through the Thrift Savings Plan and why is it so unconscionable and "wrong" to give them to you? Ask them why these problems didn’t surface when the legislators gave these personal investment accounts to themselves and government workers?

If it was so simple then, what is the problem now? Their answer will never rise to a level that would defeat the concept that capitalism can deliver the poor from poverty; to Make the Poor Rich. In the plan the people use their own money. The Thrift Savings Plan uses your tax dollars to finance their personal accounts; and they have the gall to tell you that you can’t have one using your own money. What a group of fools we Americans have become if we let this opportunity pass. RUA hopes to empower the people and restore some control over their own lives. To give them back the self-respect and self-esteem they have lost to big government.

And lastly don’t let anyone demean the USA and its capability and its exceptionalism. We have a piddling debt to foreigners of $3.4 Trillion and a country worth anywhere from $220 to $400 Trillion. We can afford to transition to personal "USA" accounts easily. Don't let anyone fool you.

Dick McDonald
July 17, 2011

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