Sunday, July 03, 2011

Do This for 10 Minutes on the Fourth of July

If you would like to add a very short, symoblic tribute to our wonderful country during your 4th of July celebrations, Dennis Prager has the perfect "ritual" for you (and I think it would be so important for your children to do this every year)!

As for me, I just completed one of my rituals and that is going through the links I've collected (starting the day after Obama won the stupid vote in America) on the right panel of this blog entitled "Join The Second American Revolution!"

There are some amazing people in this country who are doing some amazing things to try and help save our country--please check them out because you are bound to find one or more that are perfect for you to get involved with--and also some especially perfect for our young people.

Happy 4th and God Bless America.

PS: Don't be offended by my reference to the "stupid vote" -- we had friends that literally started waving their arms around and yelling out "La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la" rather than listen to us explain what we found out about Obama through MANY HOURS of tedious research from people like Stanley Kurtz (too many excellent resources to mention at this point, actually--but I blogged about all of them over the years). This was both before and after Obama's election. Most of these people don't have clue about the damage he's been doing these last several years and they still don't want to know.

Now THAT, my friends, is stupid...and dangerous.

Doug McIntyre: Don't take freedom in America for granted
A new Harvard University study claims that the Fourth of July has become a "Right Wing celebration." David Yangizawa-Drott of the Kennedy School of Government and Andreas Madestam of Milan, Italy's Bocconi University claim "The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols during the 20th century.

The learned professors have it wrong. The political right didn't "appropriate" American patriotism as much as the political left abandoned it.

A residual tragedy of the 1960s was the taint of ideology on patriotism.

"America, love it or leave it!" bumper stickers alienated the anti-Vietnam War/pro-civil rights left, just as protesters burning our flag disgusted the Greatest Generation who had fought and died for that flag.

We have disrespected our flag in a thousand ways. We removed it from our front porches and town squares only to wear it as a bikini top, jock strap or do-rag, or allow hack politicians to wrap themselves in it to pander for votes.

The Harvard study says, "Republican adults celebrate (the) Fourth of July more intensively."

It wasn't always like this. While we've always fought among ourselves over policy and power, we took for granted our mutual love of country.

Last week our national anthem was booed at the Rose Bowl. . .

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