Friday, July 22, 2011

Nixon on steroids: the president's plausible deniability

I think it shook them up. I think it shook up the attorney general in Hawaii and the governor such that they looked at the evidence and said, “He’s right.” That’s plausible deniability; there’s no question. They knew they were presenting a fraud. “We’re in trouble.”

When you read the letter, you’ll see it. I said, “This is most likely going to be the end of the Democrat Party.” The letter is two pages. The point is that I think this letter scared them, especially when they saw plausible deniability, and I think they realized I’m right. When I defined “plausible deniability” on the affidavit, they said that middle management either is inaccessible or impossible to interrogate because they’ve beat the scene or they’re dead. It’s one or the other; that’s what happens with criminal organizations to protect the leadership.
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