Monday, April 11, 2011

Cinderella Starbucks

Wow...I knew that things were NOT getting better -- I mean, can't you tell? There's all kinds of little signs around such as smaller portions in restaurants, cheaper quality ingredients and components (the lint roller's paper is cheaper now and tears easier), and so forth.

Think: GAS if you haven't happened to notice (what planet are you living on, btw)?

Anyway, I've no idea why I asked, but the cute young girl with the long blonde braid just answered my question about why she was pushing around such a big mop the other day on the floor of my local Starbucks while the other baristas were busy rushing around to serve customers...THEY'VE CUT BACK!!!

So, this big, lefty CORPORATION - Starbucks offers free coffee to those who join Obama volunteer corps - is getting rid of their high-powered (and obviously much more sanitary) power washing services because they have to "cut back"!

I can only imagine the utter betrayal coming to the Pressure Washing Institute Forum since they were used to bragging about their wonderful relationship to Starbucks...but, oh my, do ya think that Starbucks has learned their Obama lesson yet???

Probably not.

But I'm sure they felt that they could handle the tremendous burden Obama has placed upon businesses in the United States by making their baristas mop their floors. After all, jobs are hard to find in the U.S. these days.

UPDATE: Some friends from a Yahoo Group I belong to are chiding me with "are you kidding???" type comments about this post because they see signs EVERYWHERE that things are really bad economically in this country! First of all, I generally don't write very long posts...but secondly, I guess I'm just still under the (biased) media spell which definitely either ignores all of the obvious signs we are failing or simply just downplay it because they somehow still want this idiot piece of shit to continue to occupy (illegally) our White House.

OK, maybe now they'll be happy...although, I could have sworn I've been posting charts, reports, and all kinds of information about the economy...guess they just don't hang on every post I make here.

UPDATE #2: My husband just reminded me that he now hates the formerly wonderful "old fashioned" donuts he always loved from Starbucks--they've apparently CUT BACK ON THE FROSTING!!!


kender said...

oh poor girl...I am SOOOOO sorry for her

lgstarr said...

She didn't have a bad attitude towards doing this job--that's not at all the point of my post.

Starbucks had a professional power washing service and now they don't.



So the barista's job is now harder, the power washing company lost a major client (more jobs lost), and the floors are not as sanitary (or taken care of as efficiently) as they once were...before Obama.